Fitness is the single most important quality that allows for comfort in daily life. If you’re fit, regular tasks are easier, energy is higher and self image is stronger. If you’re not, daily tasks become chores, energy is hard to find, and a negative mindset is easy to fall into. At 5 Star we have dedicated classes in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and kettlebells. We can help you achieve any fitness goal you have in mind.

Why 5 Star

The decision to start serious fitness training is frequently a combination of excitement and nerves. People who are unfamiliar with the process often think they need to get in shape before actually taking a class. At 5 Star Martial Arts nothing could be further from the truth. We understand that the intensity and amount of work necessary to make the desired changes take place must be appropriate for the individual’s ability. Aside from doing their best, we don’t expect new students to perform like experienced athletes. As long as they do their best, that’s all that matters because it ensures they will reach their goals.

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Everyone’s goals are different. Perhaps you want to improve your fitness level by burning off some fat and putting on some muscle? Maybe you’re more interested in raw strength? Maybe you want to be a CrossFit competitor? Maybe you need to rehab a nagging injury? Or maybe just some stress relief? Whatever your goals may be, once we set a course we can achieve them and surpass them. This is a big part of what we do and why people love it here so much.

Every journey starts with the first step and the first step in training is that first day experience. At many gyms a student’s initial training is a period of confusion and frustration due to unfamiliarity with the movements. At 5 Star Martial Arts this is most definitely not the case. We see the introductory phase as the perfect opportunity to instill a deep technical understanding of the essential lifts and movements done in a fun class environment. Building this technical base paves the way for the more challenging training awaiting the student down the road and we encourage our students to maintain the open-minded mentality that will pay dividends in training and everyday life.

Naturally, one does not remain a novice forever. With time and consistent training comes a better understanding of the movements and before long you will want to push yourself harder in class. Our coaches are there to make sure the new student leaves healthier than he arrived.

Frequent training is great, but not an end in and of itself. The best way to make real progress is to have goals and we regularly encourage our students to set goals and work toward them. Different people have different goals. Whether you want to get in better shape, improve your coordination, lose weight, perfect your technique or compete, everything can be achieved if you set the goal and have a positive environment in which to flourish. No matter whether your challenge today is mental, physical or emotional, a positive training environment is the best way to get you out of your head and focused on the task at hand, especially with help from those around you.

We go through life as individuals but can accomplish so much more as a team. At 5 Star we view our classmates as teammates rather than opponents. Teammates don’t beat each other down, they lift each other up. When you’re having a hard time you can count on your teammates to keep pushing you forward just like you will help them when they’re having it rough. This team approach is the foundation of our success at helping people meet and surpass their goals and affect lasting positive changes in their lives.

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The Journey

The unknown is always a little unnerving. You want to try something new but you don’t know what to expect and aren’t sure if it will be a good fit. And when it comes to most gyms and martial arts schools, they can be pretty cold and unwelcoming which doesn’t help matters! But it’s safe to say, new students at 5 Star Martial Arts never experience those challenges. When you walk in our doors it feels like home.

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Once you’ve crossed the first bridge of getting started, challenges arise as you become accustomed to the training process. These challenges give the chance to make a decision between being frustrated by the current lack of ability, or excited by the opportunity for exponential personal growth. Challenges will be part of our lives forever and by seeing them as occasions to effect positive change we can get the most out of them. At 5 Star we encourage our students to grab these opportunities by the horns, immerse themselves in the learning process and build the habit of seeing challenges in a positive light!

Enjoying one’s training is the single most surefire way to overcome common initial challenges like frustration or confusion. By ensuring you learn proper form on every movement you do in class, you will gain a deeper understanding quickly and make rapid physical progress. Noticeable improvements make training rewarding and enjoyable, guaranteeing frustration never gets a foothold. And given the fact that we offer Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and kettlebell classes, you will constantly be learning something new and improving your physique and fitness level with every class.

Improved general fitness, weight loss, and cardiovascular conditioning are some of the goals shared by many of our students. Goals are an essential foundation of progress, without which focus is lost and progress stalls. In addition to encouraging our students to have goals, we also encourage them to keep their goals current. Many of our 5 Star students have lost 40, 50, 60 pounds and more. Once that goal has been attained, what to do now? It’s essential to find a new goal, perhaps a desired amount of weight lifted, or maybe a specific body fat percentage. Whatever the goal may be, they are incredibly powerful ways to mark progress and keep it going.

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Olympic Lifting

Olympic weightlifting is all about building explosive power and increasing coordination. These two key components are central to any athletic endeavor, making Olympic weightlifting a superb training foundation for all sports. Framed around the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, the Olympic lifts are technically demanding and deliver exceptional benefits. Even if you have no athletic aspirations outside of class, your shoulders and back will never feel and work better. You will love what the 5 Star Olympic weightlifting class does for your body and your performance!


Strength is the primary element of any fitness regimen. No one has ever complained about being “too strong.” When you’re strong you can do more of what you have to do, and you can do it for longer. At 5 Star we believe everything we do in the school helps everything we do outside of it and building strength is the easiest parallel to see. Groceries, children, you name it, they’re all easier when you’re stronger and the simplest way to get strong is powerlifting. If you’re ready to get strong, the 5 Star powerlifting program is for you!


One of the oldest resistance training tools made a comeback in the mid-90s via a man named Pavel Tsatsouline who single-handedly made the kettlebell a household term. With an unrivaled ability to simultaneously build strength, endurance and flexibility, the kettlebell is unmatched in its versatility and simplicity. With a direct lineage from Pavel himself, the 5 Star kettlebell program focuses on all of these essential qualities making your daily life more pain free and enjoyable!

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