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At 5 Star Martial Arts No Child Sits On The Bench.
Unlike traditional sports, martial arts do not fall into specific individual or team activity categories. They are actually the best of both worlds, encouraging individual performance and growth within a positive team environment that fosters effective interaction with others.  This combination makes martial arts the absolute best way for children to grow as individuals.

A child must develop an assortment of qualities to be successful. Improved focus, self discipline and respect for others as well as fitness, coordination and confidence are just a few of the benefits your child will receive in the 5 Star Kids Martial Arts program. We are committed to providing these essential tools and techniques to help your child excel both on and off the mats.

We teach common sense before self defense. 5 Star strives to prepare children with the character traits and decision making skills needed to address and analyze the challenges they will face. Over 70% of children will experience bullying to some degree. We want to make sure that our students are prepared for those situations when they occur and are able to respond in a non-violent way.

We understand how important it is to instill these character skills in children at a young age. We work closely with the parents, as well as the teachers of our school systems, to make sure the children are excelling at home and in the classroom. 5 Star Martial Arts provides a safe, positive and effective learning environment for your child to succeed. Come see it for yourself today!

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White-quotes My son Ethan had been with 5 Star Martial Arts five months. I’m very happy with the experience that he’s getting. He’s very excited everytime he goes to martial arts and seeing his friends in class. He’s learning to be responsible and kind to others. He is always excited to tell us how he shows kindness to others. I am very honored for us to be part of the 5 Star Martial Arts family.White-quotes
– Eduard G.

White-quotes Even though Arianna has only been in martial arts for a few months, I see great changes in her. Her self-esteem has had a major boost and also she does not let things bother her as easily as she once did. Her teacher at school also noticed a change in her and thinks 5 Star Martial Arts is doing an excellent
– Amina E


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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has proven to be one of the most effective martial arts for self defense. In this class we teach the kids the techniques and culture that has established Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as one of the fastest, and effective, martial arts in the world. This art consists of controlling an opponent using technique and leverage. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t focused around striking an opponent, so it provides a very safe and fun way for kids to learn how to defend themselves.

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    Martial Arts

    Our martial arts classes consist of a variety of striking martial arts, such as boxing and karate, with our main focus being in Muay Thai kickboxing. Muay Thai is regarded as one of the most effective striking martial arts in the world. Our martial arts classes provide children with the opportunity to learn effective striking arts to defend themselves in a safe and fun environment. Our martial arts classes are the perfect compliment to our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes that we offer.


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    Parent's Night Out

    5 Star Martial Arts hosts a “Parent’s Night Out” event every second Friday of the month. These evenings are a chance for us to give you, the parents, a break. Simply leave the kids with us where you know they will be well taken care of while you go out and have a good time! Each Parent’s Night Out is centered around a theme: Nerf Wars, Ninja Night and Camouflage Commander to name a few. The kids have a blast all evening while they learn martial arts, build skills through structured games, watch a kid-friendly movie and eat dinner too! What a night!

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    Birthday Parties

    Birthday parties can be stressful to plan and organize. Relieve the stress by letting 5 Star Martial Arts host your child’s party. We offer a variety of themes for these special events where we serve food and photograph the day’s festivities while the kids play games, train martial arts and then enjoy some birthday cake! The entertainment goes on for hours. Call us today to schedule your party!

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    School Presentations

    We know it is essential to continually impart good character skills to children through martial arts. This is why we offer community workshops throughout the year on an assortment of topics including life-saving material like Bullyproof and Stranger Danger. These workshops allow us to educate the children on topics that will enable them to make the right decisions at the right time.

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    Schools are the teaching and learning centers of our community. At 5 Star Martial Arts we share this passion for teaching and learning so we regularly partner with area schools to deliver powerful talks loaded with valuable lessons to the students. Our Goal Setting and ABC’s of Success presentations are tailor made to open both eyes and minds. Call us today at 323-933-1708 or complete our form for more information on our school talks!

Frequently asked questions

I know my child will have fun, but he has quit other activity before. How can we keep him from quitting?

The key to a child’s success in any activity is consistency, progress and parents. What we have found children don’t quit martial arts training, parents do! As long as a parent makes and keeps the commitment of making sure their child attends class twice per week, children will learn and excel in their training. Kids that training consistently, continue to progress in the martial arts and should no problem reaching the life changing goal of Black Belt.

Is my child too young for martial arts training?

At 5 Star Martial Arts we are experts at teaching martial arts. We have programs specially designed for ages 4 to 7, 8 to 12, teens, and adults. Our instructors are trained to bring out the best in our student performance at any age.

What are the chances that my child could get hurt doing martial arts?

Don’t worry it’s not like the cage fighting you see almost every night on TV! (But your child will learn to defend themselves.) Actually children have much greater changes of getting hurt play football than martial arts. In fact we have train students for years that have never received a single injury. While injuries can and do occur very rarely, your child safety is our main concern. We use padded safety gear, abide by strict safety rules and regulation for instructors and students, use padded safety weapons, and even a high tech padded floors, all for the safety of our students.

Will martial arts training make my child aggressive to others?

NO WAY! As a matter of fact, we are careful to teach our students to use common sense before self defense. Kids are taught this from the first day of classes, to make smart decisions when it comes to self defense. They will know when it is the right time to use what we teach them.

My child has never been good at sports, can he do this?

Every child has what it take to be good at martial arts because in martial arts they are not competing or comparing themselves with anyone. Martial arts are more than just punching and kicking. Character development training is just as important as punching and kicking. We are building Black Belts from the inside out. Once we develop a child’s confidence, they truly can then achieve anything they set their minds to.

Is martial arts training good exercise if my child needs to lose weight?

Martial Arts is great exercise for kids. Martial arts training combined with a sensible diet can transform a child’s physic and overall health. And kids that feel good about themselves are children that develop strong confidence and self esteem, which will carry over in all aspect of their life in the future.

Here are a few benefits your child will receive just by being a part of our youth martial arts program…

Children will begin by keeping their eyes focus on the eyes of people speaking to them. They will begin paying more attention to their teachers and for longer periods of time, therefore hearing and learning more. Focus is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better and stronger it gets. With martial arts training at 5 Star we train children muscles and mind.
A confidence child is a happy child. They no longer live in anxiety or fear. Confidence is the first step to get a child to succeed at all areas of life. Once confidence is developed, the instructors at our studio can now begin getting a child to perform at a level that was once unthought of for them.
Getting a child to do what they are told can be challenging enough, and our program will develop respectful disciplined kids, but more important is getting a child to do what they are not told. Develop self discipline is children where they have the knowledge to know what they should do, and they do it! This trait will be invaluable as they grow into successful teens and adults.
Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility and Weight Loss are all benefits that parents can expect to receive with martial arts training at 5 Star. Every muscle group is strengthened and defined with the exercises, movements, technique, and training drills that are incorporated into our curriculum. A child’s endurance and stamina will peak as we increase their cardiovascular conditioning. All these physical benefits for their body will be felt in their daily life and activities, increasing their energy and confidence.