10 Academy Rules to Keep Students Safe, Clean, and Happy

Posted on August 27, 2019 in Academy News, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing at 5 Star Martial Arts / Renzo Gracie Los Angeles is a fun, engaging, and challenging way to meet new people, burn up to 800 calories per hour, get in great shape, and learn practical self-defense skills. One of the biggest benefits of training martial arts are the physical and mental health benefits one gains from both exercising and releasing stress during the classes and workouts. In order for all students to get the most out of our classes, we have made a list of health, safety, and personal hygiene rules that all students at the academy should abide by for their own well-being as well as the safety and well-being of their training partners and classmates.

1 – If you are feeling sick, stay home – If you are feeling under the weather from a cold or still at the tail-end of a flu or cold, you should stay home. Additionally, if you develop a rash or sore on your skin, we highly recommend going to a doctor to get it examined to rule out any risk that it can be infected or contagious to other students. When you are training in martial arts or any intense physical activity, there is a risk of straining muscles or feeling worn down. If you are feeling really sore, it is okay to take a day off or just performing a light active recovery workout like going for a walk instead of training at the academy.

2 -Come to class clean and fresh – We encourage all students in our academy to practice good personal hygiene and come to class clean and fresh. A number of our students will use the showers in our locker rooms to shower prior to class and use our rest rooms to brush their teeth or rinse their mouths so they can be fresh and ready to go for class.

3 – Always keep your nails short – For your safety and the safety of your training partners, students in the BJJ and Muay Thai classes should keep their nails short. Long, sharp finger and toe nails can scratch training partners. Our academy does have nail clippers at the front desk that can be used used to cut nails prior to class.

4 -Don’t wear strong perfumes or body sprays prior to class – Training BJJ and Muay Thai kickboxing requires training partners to be in close contact with each other. In addition to being fresh and clean, we also recommend students not wearing strong colognes, perfumes or body sprays when attending classes since the strong odor could bother training partners with a sensitive sense of smell. Also, if you smoke or vape, please shower and change into fresh smelling clothes prior to class.

5 -Wear a fresh uniform for each class – For each class you attend at the academy, students are required to wear, clean, fresh smelling, kimonos or training gear for each class. If students are taking back to back classes, they need to pack an extra pair of clothing or gear and change into the fresh gear in between classes. 

6 – No Jewelry on the mats – For students’ safety, there is no jewelry allowed on the mats during class and open mats. This includes earrings, necklaces, nose rings, rings, tongue rings, and bracelets.

7 – If you get a scratch or cut during or after class, we can help you out – If you do get a scratch or cut during class, please inform your instructor of your injury. For minor cuts and scratches, we have band aids, ointment and tape available to help treat it immediately. For more serious injuries, we recommend going to see a doctor or urgent care immediately.

8 – Shower right after class – While our mats are cleaned multiple times each day, we need our students to do their part in reducing the risk of catching any infections or rashes. Our academy offers showers in our locker rooms complete with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. We highly recommend showering immediately after class in order to reduce the risk of catching any skin infections. 

9 – Wear shoes if you exit the academy or wash your feet before reentering mat areas – While shoes are not allowed on the mats, students should put on slippers or shoes when they exit the academy to go to the restroom. This will greatly reduce the risk of bacteria spreading on to the mat area.

10 – Wash your gear right after class – As part of our requirement to wear clean and fresh gear to each class, we highly recommend students wash their clothing, gear, and apparel immediately after class. This includes washing kimonos and clothing , cleansing mouthguards with vinegar, and washing water bottles.

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