5 Reasons To Enroll Your Child in Classes at 5 Star Martial Arts

Posted on April 10, 2016 in Academy News, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kids Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing

There are so many benefits and life lessons your child can learn from training at 5 Star Martial Arts. Here at 5 Star Martial Arts, we truly believe martial arts is a vehicle that people of all ages can use to improve their lives and reach their human potential in life. We have had many children and adults who have greatly improved their physical, mental, and emotional health through training in our clean, friendly, and structured academy. In our kids program, our coaches create a fun, educational, and active teaching environment that will help your child learn many valuable skills and life lessons. Here are 5 reasons to enroll your child at classes at 5 Star Martial Arts.

Self-defense: Our curriculum will give your child the skills and confidence to deal with bullies. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is considered the best form of self-defense since it enables a smaller and weaker person to use technique and skill to overcome a larger and stronger adversary using leveraged based grappling techniques. The grappling is balanced with Muay Thai kickboxing where your child will learn how to kick, punch, and defend against strikes from a bully. By combining the most effective forms of grappling and striking, we are able to offer a complete self-defense system that will give your child the ability to stand up to bullies.

Self-confidence: After training at 5 Star Martial Arts for several weeks, we begin to see the self-confidence of our students grow. Your child will gain self-confidence through learning new techniques and continually improving through practicing what they learned in a safe and controlled setting under the supervision of trained coaches. Students who were once shy, will come out of their shell and interact with the coaches and other children. A prideful smile will appear on your child’s face as your child showcases the martial arts skills learned through hard work and repetition.

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Physical fitness: Our classes are a great workout for people of all ages especially kids. After an active warm up that includes jogging, calisthenics, and stretching, your child will have fun breaking a sweat while practicing throwing punching and kicking combinations as well as drilling grappling techniques. In addition to the martial arts training, your child will also participate in fun games and contests that require physical movement to help keep your child healthy and active.

Make friends: When your child trains with other students, friendships will inevitably develop since the students are continually collaborating and working together in each class to help make each other better. Through these constant interactions and group training classes, your child will make great friends who share the common interest of martial arts. In addition to classes, 5 Star Martial Arts also offers a summer camp and monthly Parents Night Out events so your kids can spend more time with their new friends

Discipline: While we want our students to have be physically active, have fun and learn valuable skills, training at 5 Star Martial Arts will instill discipline in your child. Your child will learn how to behave and act in a martial arts setting which includes learning how to line up, properly perform exercises and techniques, address the instructors, and treat their fellow students with respect. In order to improve in martial arts and any aspect of life, one must focus and exhibit discipline in paying attention and repeatedly drilling the techniques taught in class. Most importantly, we stress the importance of students thanking their parents and treating their parents with respect.

If you are interested in scheduling a free private trial class for your child, please feel free to contact us at 323-933-1708.