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10 Academy Rules to Keep Students Safe, Clean, and Happy

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing at 5 Star Martial Arts / Renzo Gracie Los Angeles is a fun, engaging, and challenging way to meet new people, burn up to 800 calories pe....

Renzo Gracie Team Scores at JJWL’s American Open

The Renzo Gracie Los Angeles BJJ Competition team, which includes competitors from 5 Star Martial Arts, Common Ground BJJ, and Espiritu BJJ competed at the Jiu Jitsu World League American Op....

First Women’s Only BJJ Class Will be Held Sunday, July 21st at 9 AM

5 Star Martial Arts / Renzo Gracie Los Angeles will be holding its first Women’s Only BJJ Class taught in the gi by Coach Kristin Hassan on Sunday, July 21st from 9 AM to 10:30 AM. The....

Renzo Gracie Los Angeles Scores at Jiu Jitsu World League Los Angeles

This past weekend, our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition team competed at The Jiu Jitsu World League’s Los Angeles event at Azuza Pacific’s Felix Event Center. This event marked th....

Congratulations to All BJJ Students Who Received a Belt Promotion!

Over the past few weeks, a number of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students at 5 Star Martial Arts have been promoted to the next belt level by Professor Shawn Williams. Each of these students earned ....

5 Star Profile: How Julio Soto-Kim Balances Law School, Life & Training

Julio Soto-Kim is one of the most dedicated and focused students at 5 Star Martial Arts / Renzo Gracie Los Angeles. He is constantly on the mats training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has been an ....


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