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5 Star Student Profile: How Joann Nguyen Balances Work, Family, & BJJ

Joann Nguyen has been a mainstay in Coach Armand River’s 7 AM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu morning class at 5 Star Martial Arts / Renzo Gracie Los Angeles over the past two years. She has manag....

5 Tips for New Students in BJJ and Muay Thai Kickboxing

When new students first start training BJJ and Muay Thai, it can be very exciting, fun, intimidating, and also very confusing. The fun and excitement comes from learning something new every ....

5 Star BJJ Competition Team Medals at 2018 SJJIF Worlds!

This past weekend, The 5 Star Martial Arts / Renzo Gracie Los Angeles BJJ Competition Team competed at The SJJIF World Championship in Long Beach, California. We had competitors of all belt ....

5 Reasons to Compete in a BJJ Competition

Most of of the students at 5 Star Martial Arts/Renzo Gracie Los Angeles never thought they would ever consider competing in a martial arts tournament as an adult. After training in Brazilian....

5 Fun Places to Cross Train Outdoors in Los Angeles

We are very blessed to live in Los Angeles where we have diverse cultures, foods, attractions, and amazing outdoor activities that we can all enjoy. While training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mu....

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your BJJ Gear Smelling and Feeling Clean and Fresh

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fun and challenging total body workout that will leave you and your gear drenched in sweat. It very important to keep your gis smelling and feeling fresh in....


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