How to “S-Train” With Shawn Williams

Posted on April 24, 2016 in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Competition

Rolling doesn’t need to be a life and death struggle. Flow training is an excellent form of training that allows both training partners to roll light while focusing on technique and movement. Shawn Williams and John Danaher developed “S-Training” as a means to flow train while hunting for submissions and working on technical escapes. Here are a few quick benefits of “S-Training” as shown by Shawn Williams BJJ

  • Light and technical training for both training partners.
  • Focus on being technical in movements, submissions, and escapes.
  • Great cardio round since both training partners are continually moving and transitioning throughout the roll.
  • The pace of the roll allows training partners to see and pursue openings for submissions, escapes, and transitions.
  • Training partners of varying sizes and skill levels can “S-Train” together with both training partners getting the opportunity to find and execute submissions.

Watch Professor Shawn  demonstrate “S-Training” in the video below.